Holiday Shopping at Haven Boutique in Traverse City, MI

I stopped by Haven Clothing Boutique in Traverse City, Michigan to check out their cozy clothing and accessories. Scroll down in this post to see some of the beautiful items I found including soft sweaters, winter hats, dyed sweatshirts, fun pants, carry-everything bags, oversized scarfs, knit mittens, basic long cotton tanks, locally made facemasks, delicate jewelry, and much more! Visit Haven to see for yourself at Grand Traverse Commons Shops located at The Old State Hospital Building: 800 Cottageview Dr, Suite 20 Traverse City, MI 49684


Searching for the sweetest little pea….

My holiday visit to Sweet Pea Baby Boutique in Traverse City, Michigan, was filled with fun items including baby clothes, Melissa & Doug toys, Piggy Paint, and MY board books! As many of you know, I have four board books that make great gifts for little ones! See why this sweet store is Merry & Bright this Christmas… Sweet Pea is located at 205 E. Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684




I wanted to share with you this great video from my Laura Pollina. In it she demonstrates the idea that thoughts have energy through energy sticks using the example of her parent’s dog, Georgie (who is truly the sweetest.) Positive thoughts expand… I personally love energy stick and know how easy they are to make at home!



This gorgeous Northern Migration Field Guide is a guided journal for travelers exploring Traverse city and Leelanau County. This beautifully written and compiled book doesn’t just list places to go… It only features the best of the best and even leaves spots for you to take notes during your journey. looking for a rainy day Museum fix? Number 74 features the Dennos Museum Center… “The children’s wing, although small, is a perfect for a couple hours of running around fine arts for adults and children alike.” Wondering where the best view in town is? Look no further than suggestion number 92 featuring a one of my favorite hikes named Pyramid Point- venture towards this trail and you will not be disappointed. I also fell in love with the way this field guide feels in my hands. It’s made of beautiful textured paper and illustrations inside, created by artist EM RANDALL, are uniquely beautiful and Scattered throughout the book. It should be mentioned that the contents of this book were curated and written by the stylish and talented Marissa Wege of Northern Migration. She’s not just an author but entrepreneur and owner of several air B and B’s in Leelanau County. Following her Instagram account at Northern migration and you will see her unique interior design style that seems to pop in every picture that is taken of her homes.


Save the Planet with a Silicone Straw from this traverse city company!!!

Discover: Stacey Feeley’s Silicone Straws

Stacey Feeley is a Traverse City entrepreneur and the owner/inventor of GoSili Products– Sold throughout the world! Here is one of here hottest new products- A reusable silicone straw that is dishwasher safe, sustainable, and folds into this useful tin, so you can take it anywhere! Send it with your kids to school or throw it in your purse for your next business lunch- Help make the world a little cleaner, one straw at a time! You can find these locally at Target, Meijer, Luckys and a lot of other stores- or shop online on or Here is a little more info on this innovative and useful product:

Reusable Silicone Straw + Case

Perfect for on the go. This reusable eco-friendly silicone straw comes with a travel case and is the perfect solution when on the go. Never be without your straw again! The portable travel case fits right in your pocket, backpack, purse or bag. Smaller than a pack of gum, cheaper than a tin of mints, lasts longer than both and better for the environment! Easy to use and clean, both the straw and carry case are dishwasher safe.

  • 100% European-grade silicone
  • BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free
  • Comes with aluminum travel / case
  • Includes one straw
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Straws are 8″ in length with an opening of .5cm

Discover Recycled Nautical Charm at Sea Bags: A New Boutique on Front Street in Traverse City, Michigan

As I was walking down Front Street in Traverse City the other day I stumbled upon a new store filled with straight-up “Nautical Charm.” Walk inside Sea Bags and you will find hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage bags and accessories made out of recycled sailing sheets! These bags are so cool… I just loved looking at each one, they are ALL unique and ALL absolutely fabulous! These bags are sturdy enough to last for seasons. Nautically inspired, the motifs include lobsters, dogs, mermaid, and sailing stripes and number. Pick a handmade tote bag to pack for the beach, or a choose a smaller cosmetic bag to carry in another purse. They also have home decor, candles, accessories, dog items, and more. Sea Bags is one of the newest boutiques to pop up on Front Street in downtown Traverse City, Michigan this summer. Originally based out of Maine, the handmade items are made in the USA. Each bag is a little different than the next, so the joy is stopping by and checking out each one in person!

Sea Bags in Traverse City
223 East Front Street (See map below!) 
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231.421.3185

Each bag is unique and made from recycled sailing sheets!

Wear a mask to keep safe inside the store.

Sea Bags has other items like candles and cheese trays!

They have mermaid and lobster bags too!

Sea Bags in Traverse City
223 East Front Street
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231.421.3185
Find them online at:

Sea Bags Hours:

  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
    Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm



Laura Swan Pollina of Professionally Fabulous talks skincare with the fabulous Missy Moo Moo who truly “radiates youth.” Her first tip: wear SPF, avoid the sun, and wear a hat! Watch the video below to see what else she recommends to keep looking and feeling young for years.  Bonus, she tells us some of her favorite products!




A few recommendations straight from one girlfriend’s kitchen to yours via our zoom happy hour… 

Here we are again! For the last few weeks my girlfriend and I have hosted a zoom happy hour  (because we are stuck in our homes right now due to Covid-19- Stay safe ladies)- Soooo, we are doing it again this week… with a topic, I like to call: FOODIE FINDS! These are just simple food items straight from one girlfriend’s kitchen to yours… Some of our favorite basic food items that are a go-to in good times and bad. And just in case you wanted to try them out yourself, I have added some links (when possible) below the product- just click on the link find where you can purchase the product.  If you like what you see or have any FOODIE FIND suggestions, please share it in the comments below. Stay safe and healthy. xoxo Kristy & her Happy Hour Girl Friends

Carrine’s Chocolate Love 

Lundberg Organic Chocolate Covered Thin Stackers

Carrine loves these organic chocolate covered thin stackers in the decadent dark by Lundberg Farms

“These are the rice cake/chocolate things that I just love! Delicious!” -Carrine

Carrine & Lauren’s milk pick 


Carrine recommends this specific healthy brand and blends: Califia Farms Almond Oat Milk, unsweetened, oats & almond blend. She says, “I do a banana smoothie in the morning, so I use it for that. Or I’ll put it in my coffee. I get it at the Olson’s Grocery Store by the Old State Hospital in Traverse City- not every store carries this specific kind of almond milk. It is a little creamery. If I make coffee, I’ll put it in there with a little maple syrup.”

Lauren prefers the Almond Coconut flavor of the same brand. “I am chia pudding, I like to use the Almond Coconut to make chia,” she says. “I add cinnamon and maple syrup.”

Erica’s best box

Green Chef BOX

Erica loves the Green Chef meal delivery box: “We love Green Chef in our family- It’s awesome. We order one box that comes with three meals for the week (for 4 people each). You can choose from many organic options: keto, paleo, family plans… My daughter has been cooking it for us every day in Quarantine! She is learning all about cooking – it’s been such a cool thing! It’s super simple (more simple than Blue Apron). It’s rare that we even need to help her. They give a calorie count and carb count. We get it for a family of four, and the kids love it! Organic and yummy flavors!”


Mrs. Renfro’s Hot Green Salsa Verde

“Lauren recommends you try Mrs. Renfros Hot Green Salsa Verde – She buys it locally in Traverse City at Tom. “I eat it on everything and I buy multiple at a time to keep stocked.” -Lauren



This company takes local produce, like veggies and fruit, they package it up, freeze it, and sell it in grocery stores. It allows Mackenzie to easily use all local blueberries and strawberries for her smoothies- even in the off season. They are often at the end of the aisle at the grocery store.



DRAM is a cbd sparkling water in a can. Mackenzie recommends “beauty bubbles” flavor- it is gluten-free, plant-based, antioxidant, healthy eyes, and so much more. The company is based out of Colorado, and you can order online. She says, “they are tasty!”



“I have been inspired by the nice weather and I’ve wanted to plant,” explains Mackenzie. “So, I bought this thai basil, it makes me happy! I also like to plant mint and other herbs. I’ve been putting them in my kitchen window. I bought them at the new Oryana West in Traverse City.”


Erica recently discovered and loves their white and pink cherry blossoms for only $58.  “I had a box delivered, they will bloom over the next four weeks- I’m going to send my step-mom in Florida the white one in honor of Traverse City. I was so excited, instead of flowers and they last a month! So, TC, if you have a mother-in-law out of town, it’s perfect!”

BUTTER-ME-UP with kristy


Kristy’s go-to butter is Kerry Gold Irish Butter, it is all-natural, and a great go-to for any kitchen needs!  Kristy knows the importance of pure quality butter for a healthy diet- she picks this one!  You can find this brand at most of your local grocery stores.