A few recommendations straight from one girlfriend’s kitchen to yours via our zoom happy hour… 

Here we are again! For the last few weeks my girlfriend and I have hosted a zoom happy hour  (because we are stuck in our homes right now due to Covid-19- Stay safe ladies)- Soooo, we are doing it again this week… with a topic, I like to call: FOODIE FINDS! These are just simple food items straight from one girlfriend’s kitchen to yours… Some of our favorite basic food items that are a go-to in good times and bad. And just in case you wanted to try them out yourself, I have added some links (when possible) below the product- just click on the link find where you can purchase the product.  If you like what you see or have any FOODIE FIND suggestions, please share it in the comments below. Stay safe and healthy. xoxo Kristy & her Happy Hour Girl Friends

Carrine’s Chocolate Love 

Lundberg Organic Chocolate Covered Thin Stackers

Carrine loves these organic chocolate covered thin stackers in the decadent dark by Lundberg Farms

“These are the rice cake/chocolate things that I just love! Delicious!” -Carrine

Carrine & Lauren’s milk pick 


Carrine recommends this specific healthy brand and blends: Califia Farms Almond Oat Milk, unsweetened, oats & almond blend. She says, “I do a banana smoothie in the morning, so I use it for that. Or I’ll put it in my coffee. I get it at the Olson’s Grocery Store by the Old State Hospital in Traverse City- not every store carries this specific kind of almond milk. It is a little creamery. If I make coffee, I’ll put it in there with a little maple syrup.”

Lauren prefers the Almond Coconut flavor of the same brand. “I am chia pudding, I like to use the Almond Coconut to make chia,” she says. “I add cinnamon and maple syrup.”

Erica’s best box

Green Chef BOX

Erica loves the Green Chef meal delivery box: “We love Green Chef in our family- It’s awesome. We order one box that comes with three meals for the week (for 4 people each). You can choose from many organic options: keto, paleo, family plans… My daughter has been cooking it for us every day in Quarantine! She is learning all about cooking – it’s been such a cool thing! It’s super simple (more simple than Blue Apron). It’s rare that we even need to help her. They give a calorie count and carb count. We get it for a family of four, and the kids love it! Organic and yummy flavors!”


Mrs. Renfro’s Hot Green Salsa Verde

“Lauren recommends you try Mrs. Renfros Hot Green Salsa Verde – She buys it locally in Traverse City at Tom. “I eat it on everything and I buy multiple at a time to keep stocked.” -Lauren



This company takes local produce, like veggies and fruit, they package it up, freeze it, and sell it in grocery stores. It allows Mackenzie to easily use all local blueberries and strawberries for her smoothies- even in the off season. They are often at the end of the aisle at the grocery store.



DRAM is a cbd sparkling water in a can. Mackenzie recommends “beauty bubbles” flavor- it is gluten-free, plant-based, antioxidant, healthy eyes, and so much more. The company is based out of Colorado, and you can order online. She says, “they are tasty!”



“I have been inspired by the nice weather and I’ve wanted to plant,” explains Mackenzie. “So, I bought this thai basil, it makes me happy! I also like to plant mint and other herbs. I’ve been putting them in my kitchen window. I bought them at the new Oryana West in Traverse City.”


Erica recently discovered and loves their white and pink cherry blossoms for only $58.  “I had a box delivered, they will bloom over the next four weeks- I’m going to send my step-mom in Florida the white one in honor of Traverse City. I was so excited, instead of flowers and they last a month! So, TC, if you have a mother-in-law out of town, it’s perfect!”

BUTTER-ME-UP with kristy


Kristy’s go-to butter is Kerry Gold Irish Butter, it is all-natural, and a great go-to for any kitchen needs!  Kristy knows the importance of pure quality butter for a healthy diet- she picks this one!  You can find this brand at most of your local grocery stores. 



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