BOILED & BAKED: Bubbie’s Bagels

Location: Traverse City, MI (base of Old Mission Peninsula, next to Little Ceasers and Thai Cafe. Across the street from the drive-through Starbucks) 

You might want to CALL in your bagel order RIGHT NOW- Because Bubbie’s Bagels are going FAST! EVERY DAY! They open at 8 am and are often sold out by 10 am and earlier on the weekends. Especially during these days quarantine, where a delicious homemade bagel literally makes your day! 

The word is spreading and recently opened Bubbie’s Bagels is a new local go-to for bagels that make you smile. I personally stopped by a few times, parked in front of the store to call in my order (as we were currently in a Stay-at-Home order in Michigan) only to find out they had SOLD OUT! So, I learned my lesson and since then have called ahead to place my order. Today, my family got the baker’s dozen with an assortment of a poppy seed, salt, plain, and everything. We topped it off with some whipped cream cheese and were NOT disappointed! Owner Sam just opened his shop about a month ago… All of his bagels use a sourdough base, and fermented for over two days, allowing them to develop ultimate flavor. They use traditional techniques of boiling the bagels before baking, rather than steam them, in order to develop a perfectly chewy interior and crispy outside. If you are visiting Traverse City this summer make sure to save one breakfast for Bubbie’s and perhaps enjoy them on the beach! 


Bubbie’s Bagels
1215 E Front St, Traverse City, Michigan 49686

Call – (231) 252-3587

Open Tuesday-Sunday 8am-Noon

For the latest BAGEL news follow them on Instagram @Bubbiesbagels